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Photography Bio

Hello! I'm Margaret!

I've always been a follow-your-heart-kind-of-gal with an artistic soul inside me that would make me follow that path. I didn't exactly know where the journey would take me. A few years later, I am living my dream. I am photographer, videographer and yoga teacher. Yoga is my lifestyle and my soul expresses artistically in photography. I currently live in Playa del Coco, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. 

As a photographer I want my photos to imagine a bold, exciting world one in which the subject, be it a product or a person, stands out, shines. Viewers needs to be transported, and my photos achieve that through careful compositions of colours and tone. This is the end result of a process by which I bring the creative brief to life and make the subject part of story.

I have had camera since young age. I studied the art of photography in 2015-2018 in Oslo, Norway to deepen my abilities. I took several workshops in different kinds of photography and a lot of self exploration.


I am working as freelance photographer since 2015. I have worked with different clients, such as private groups, individualities, weddings, concerts, snowboard competitions such as X-Games and others, yoga teachers, studios, workshops, trainings, retreats, actors, surf schools, and surf competitions.


Today I am working mostly with families, couples, kids, newborns, pregnant women, groups, singles, events such as weddings and others, as well as many other businesses and creating contents including videography. I offer broad spectrum of professional photography and videography. 

I am open minded and easy to work with. The sessions are fun, creative and most importantly in good-friendly feeling, creating safe environment. 


Professional photography & videography offer:

- Family, group & kids

- Prenatal

- Newborn

- Wedding

- Real Estate, AirBnb, Vrbo etc.

- Portrait

- Fashion

- Lifestyle

- Boudoir

- Engagement surprise

- Other family & non-family events

- Food, drinks, & other products

- Boats & other excursions

- Other businesses

- Other private sessions

- Drone

- In/water and underwater

- Night/low light

- & Others

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